Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Tale of Two Interviews

So yesterday was The Day. I had not one, but two job interviews!

I had some pre-conceived notions about which position I would like better. It was the seemingly more illustrious one, with a bigger name behind it that seemed to offer more pizazz. That one I scheduled second, so I could get the other one out of the way and under my belt before heading into the "real" one.

Silly me.

I really hit it off with my first interviewer. The job is so much cooler than I originally thought, and when I left my mind was spinning over all of the possibilities. I love jobs with Potential. The benefits were a little meager, but it's possible I could get the salary to make up for it. My only real sticking points? They'd want me to start Soon. Like three weeks, soon. And first order of business would be traveling to Vegas for a Convention. Sounds great, right? Except that whole nursing-mother-of-an-infant thing. It's one thing to drag your baby along on trips for a job that you've been at for years. I'm not sure what kind of impression that would make on my new employer, however.

But I shouldn't put the horse before the cart. I haven't been made any offers yet. I still need to dredge up two references to send. My best friend is a given. Just not sure who else I should ask. My work doesn't know I'm leaving yet. I'd hate to tip my hand, too. It would just make things more painful. You don't pull the bandaid off slowly, you rip it. I'm not quite ready to rip yet.


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