Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bottle Wars

So this post really isn't going to be as exciting as the title sounds.

My son has stopped drinking bottles during the day. He started drinking less and less, and finally got the point where, if offered a bottle, he would push it away or throw it as hard as he could (and trust me, the kid has a good arm). Much to my chagrin, all of the wonderful mommy milk pumped throughout the day was sitting in the fridge, untouched, and then bagged and passed on to my Milkshare mama and baby. So, not a waste of course, but not exactly what I imagined would be happening with my milk each day, either.

This is classic reverse-cycling, and the bane and joy of the working mother's existence. The bane because it means your baby is attached to you from the moment you step into the door until the moment you leave the next morning. Gotta make up for that missed milk somehow! The joy because it means your baby loves YOU more than the bottles and doesn't want your milk any other way. I have several friends whose babies have preferred the bottle ad essentially quit nursing prior to 1 year, and I am thankful daily that mine does not.

But, nights like last night make things rough. I needed, badly, to do diaper laundry.  I wanted to go over my tax forms and get ready for the dreaded Filing of the Taxes. I wanted to catch up with my DVR and the guilty pleasures of American Idol. Instead, I was stuck in bed with the baby all evening. Sitting in my arms on the couch was a no-go. Sitting anywhere that wasn't with me was also a no-go. So instead, we laid in bed. Or more accurately, I laid in bed and he rolled around, played with his board books, and nursed on and off for about two hours. There are worse ways to spend the evening, I know. Most of the time it's even really sweet. But when there are Things To Be Done, it can get a little annoying. Hopefully tonight won't be a repeat.

So - on to the bottle wars. We've been trying (in vain) to find some other method of delivering milk during the day. Sippy cups, straw cups, open cups. The only one that he'll even think about using is an open cup - and at this age you still have to hold it for him. Trying to explain that to my sitter this morning was Not Fun. Hopefully the report when I get home today will be a bit more successful, though. I shudder to think how stinky that diaper hamper will get if it sits untouched one more day....


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