Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Job!

I finally did it. After over a year of agonizing over the decision to look for work elsewhere, and just two months after actually starting to search, I landed myself a new job!

My husband keeps asking me if I'm scared.

How do I put this? I'm not nervous at all. I feel confident in my ability to do a good job, and to provide this company with exactly what it needs. I'm super excited about all of the possibilities that this position will open up to me.

The only thing that really had me quaking in my boots (so-to-speak, since I actually rarely wear boots), was telling my boss. Working in the same place for almost five years is a pretty Big Deal, especially when the company never fires anyone and the only way to stop working there is to retire or die. The jury's still out on the Office Manager, whose tenure there predates my birth by two years.

Why are these people so loyal? Why did they expect me to be? Honestly - they are afraid of change and don't know anything else. I've never met a bunch of people so mired in the status quo in my life. When I came on board in 2005, it was to my shock and horror that they were using Windows 98, with software I hadn't seen since my high school journalism class (underfunded and unappreciated. the plight of journalists!).

I put down my foot and got some results. I made changes and rocked the boat. The office manager decided she really, really didn't like me (professionally) and that I was out for her job (trust me, I wasn't). Then, I got pregnant. And learned that "Family Leave" actually ISN'T paid leave. And I learned that my company was too cheap to hire a replacement while I was out, instead trusting my (very important) work to the beautician-turned-secretary-who-can't-run-a-mail-merge and mucked everything up. And I discovered that upon returning to work that was the last place on Earth I wanted to be.

But I'm the bread winner. My paycheck keeps a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. Not working is, unfortunately, not an option. But changing jobs is never out of the question.

So I have a five-year plan. It includes making a boat-load of money so I can actually enjoy the first few months of my next baby's life, and eventually transition into being my own boss. This new job is the first stone across the river, and I've left behind the shore of complacency. Time to take charge of my own life buck the status quo.


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