Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Working from home

I have a full-time job away from home. I also have a part-time job in my home. But on Wednesdays, those two worlds collide just a bit and I get to telecommute from home for my full-time job. Telecommuting is a fabulous thing. I can sit at my computer in a tank top, sweats and slippers, sipping tea from my favorite mug, and working on as many projects as I can handle. More employers should get with the program and let their employees work from home at least once a week. For me, I'm even more productive on my telecommuting days than otherwise. Instead of lollygagging, I'm focused with a set of tasks to complete for the day. Partially I think it's that accountability factor. If I can't show that I'm getting work done at home, I won't be able to keep this gig. So I get more done on Wednesdays than any other day of the week, without leaving the comforts of my own home.

It's a pretty sweet deal.  My husband's cousin is our babysitter, and she comes up by train every day to watch our son. Even today, she's here so I can be mommy milk machine but still be able to work with little to no interruption. I used to think moms who hired nannies or parents helpers were the paragon of laziness. I certainly know better now! And consider this my apology to all of those moms about whom I thought snarky thoughts.

Speaking of working, I'm living the life I'd always dreamed. Good job, good pay, happy family, etc. Lacking a few small details the basics are all in place. Silly me, though, now that I have what I always wanted I've had a mental shift and realized this is no longer "it." I went to college and got a degree so I could be a career woman. Now I want to be a mom. Making money is great and wonderful and all, but being with my son (and future babies) all day is so much more than that. When I was on maternity leave, instead of chomping at the bit to get back to work I was dreading my return with a heavy heart. I'm still not happy to be back, 5 months later.

So I've been trolling the blogosphere and internets lately, looking for work-from-home schemes and ways to make money on the side. I figure if I can become thrifty enough and find a good supplemental income, I can leave the 9-5 world behind, at least for a little while. Whenever I mention this to my friends they give me looks. You know the kind. "Oh really? That'll get old soon and you'll be back." I really don't think so. Being a mother is more than a job or a biological process, it's a vocation. And I hear it screaming in my hear, squeezing my heart and tugging at my hands. I just need to figure it out, make it work.


Autumn Beck said...

Hi, Lisa. I found your blog from the March 09 babies thread on diaperswappers.

Here are some ideas for being able to stay at home:

*if you have car debt- sell the cars, get beaters
*if you have any debt- get a 2nd, 3rd job to pay it off quickly
*does your dh's job require you to stay in D.C.?
*get really good at graphic design b/c me and lots of others are always looking for banner makers ;)
*don't eat out
*do you guys do a monthly budget? we follow Dave Ramsey. knowing where your money goes isn't something i've always been aware of.

I'm sure you've thought of all these but just in case (((hugs)))

I'll say a prayer for you and your dh.

Autumn Beck

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