Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's a rainy day, it's a rainy day.

It's raining outside and I can't go out to play. Why do we need the rain, anyway?

I hope the rain clears up by Saturday. This will be my first Halloween as a mommy, and I bought Adrian a super-cute monkey costume. I justified it to myself by forming some vague plans about taking pictures with pumpkins and using those for our 2010 calendars (Christmas gifts for the Greats). I still have no concrete plans, other than a chancy babywearing get-together that may be canceled/postponed due to weather.

Speaking of Babywearing, allow me to educate the uninformed. I'm a novice babywearer at best, but essentially it's as simple as it sounds - wearing your baby in a carrier of some type on your body. Most people that you see babywearing are sporting the ever-present Baby Bjorn or something similar. There's been a lot of debate and some research over the safety of these that I won't rehash here, but I will admit that a Bjorn was my first carrier. It was a hand-me-down from a colleague, and when my Hotsling didn't fit it was my only other babywearing option.

Why babywearing? You'll see a lot of information and opinions on how it fosters closeness, bonding, etc etc. Those things are all great. For me, it comes down to practicality. I have a high-needs baby. I don't believe it's OK to let a baby sit alone and wail for hours (or even minutes, really), but a girl's gotta work. There are dishes to be washed, laundry, cleaning, errands, etc. How do you accomplish that and hold a baby when you only have two hands? Strap them to you!  Household tasks become infinitely easier (though they remain infinitely tedious), and things like grocery shopping and quick trips to the mailbox/laundry room are easily accomplished without losing feeling in your arms.

Then, of course, there's that wonderful addiction to carriers. I already have a fluff addiction, but a carrier addiction could be more insidious because (unless you're crafty) it's expensive. My current collection consists of six carriers, four that I actually use, two that were free, and approx retail value is well over $300. If I followed my fingers and bought the ones I'm currently lusting over, that number would jump substantially. The nice thing is that at least the carriers are worth it. If they're well made, they can be used for years and might even have some re-sale value left when you're done.

One thing about having an addiction is finding people who share it. Hence - the babywearing party. I'm sure it sounds silly, but I will be bummed if it gets rained out.


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