Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm ba-ack

I've finally decided to (re)join the blogosphere. I started out with blogger back in the day, taking my diary online with plenty of teenage musings and angst. I posted about my daily trials and travails (homework and boyfriends and college Oh My!) for years, fading out slowly as I completed college, joined the "real world," and got married.

I've been toying with the idea of writing again for many moons, but a quick glance over my old blogs made me realize it was time to strike out for new land.

This blog will focus on my new life as a mother, wife, and worker bee in our nation's capital. I'm always striving to find and maintain a balance between life's Wants and Needs, which change drastically once you add children into the mix. It's a perilous path that parents tread, and this is where I'll be hashing out which steps to take and which ones to skip.

"Make it work" is a ubiquitous phrase in our culture, especially for fans of Tim Gun or Ne-Yo, but it resonates outside the world of runways and rap stars. Every day we're faced with dilemmas and decisions that can make or break us - but all we need to do is make it work.


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