Friday, September 24, 2010

Did it work?

After my last post about work-life balance, I took a long break from blogging (and from reading blogs - my Google reader was up to ~800 posts. yikes!). Recently I bought a book about getting work and life to be in better harmony (review on that to come another day). So, did the time and perspective help any?

Unfortunately, nope.

I actually ended up doing that oh-so-embarrassing thing called practically killing myself (OK, maybe that's melodramatic, but I WAS told to go to the ER). Instead of life getting simpler, it got busier. And then I got pregnant. And anyone who's been there know how entirely awful first trimester can be. I won't list all of my woes, but suffice to say my body gave up on me.

Wednesday I had to leave work early - even got my darling husband to drive INTO DC (which he abhors) because I wasn't sure I'd make it on the metro. I was shaky, my chest felt funny, and I couldn't concentrate. Every other word I wrote looked like Klingon (while I don't actually know what that looks like). I tried getting an appointment with my old OB/MW office (even though I'm not going back there for this baby, more on that later too), but I made the mistake of mentioning that funny feeling in my chest. "Oh chest pains! You MUST go to the ER!" Pretty sure I wasn't dying, or having a heart attack.

So, self diagnosis: dehydration, low blood sugar, and exhaustion. Lovely, huh! So yesterday, I made up for it by laying around in bed all day and reading Sookie Stackhouse novels (finished #9 last night!). I did do some work in the AM, and made sure I ate healthily throughout the day. Drank plenty of water and went to bed early. One of the nice things about having a sitter is not having to worry about my kid. Yesterday reminded me of the perks of not being a SAHM.

From here on out, I will take better care of myself. I will sit down with my boss and discuss options for flexibility. If she cannot work with me on that, I will find a new job that values me as a worker AND as a person with a life. Because I like being able to have both.

So, perspective was earned. Balance? Still working on it.


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