Friday, July 9, 2010

Why I love lists

  1. They keep me organized. Who doesn't love organization? Except when you have lists of lists. Watch out for that.
  2. Crossing items off gives me a sense of accomplishment. Which is why it's terrible that my to-do list for work today has nothing crossed off, and I've been here for 6.5 hours already.
  3. They're useful in all situations - for work projects, grocery shopping, Christmas, errands, weekend activities, books to read, and blogging.
  4. Everyone else knows I've got my shit together. Boss - "What are you working on today?" Me - "I've got a list!" Husband - "What's for dinner?" Me - "I've got a list!" Friend - "Are we going out this weekend?" Me - "I've got a list!"
  5. Once a list has been created, I can turn my brain off. This is especially useful on Friday afternoons at work. I don't need to think about what I need to do, I just need to look at the list.
  6. You can dress them up. My current "To-Do" list has different color pen and highlighter on it. Because some things are more important than others, but that doesn't mean I remembered to write the most important things first. Or second. Or at all.
  7. Superlatives rule. Some lists (unlike this rambling, unordered one) are all about Top 10, Top 5, Top 1000. They tell you the best vacation spots, top beaches, best recipes, hottest nightclubs, cheapest stores, ugliest prom dresses. Without lists, how would any of this information come to light?
  8. They come in all shapes and sizes. Like I mentioned in #7, you can have pretty much any "Top [insert number here]" list. And people will read it, regardless of how ridiculously long. You can also get them in print, on a post-it note, in a magazine, or on a website. I've even seen billboards with lists.
  9. They make a great crutch/scapegoat. If I forget something at the store, that's OK - I'll blame it on the list. Maybe I forgot it, or maybe I just missed an item. Doesn't matter, I can't be held to blame for a missing/faulty/hard-to-read list. And if I'm out without a list, well then obviously I won't be able to function until I find some paper and a pen and make a list. Until then, I wander aimlessly asking, "What do I need? Where am I? What year is it?"
  10. They're fun! Ok, maybe this is just me. But when it comes to re-prioritizing my life, re-balancing, and re-directing my energies - list making is key. I've made three lists today, and already I feel better. Try it for yourself!


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